Amos a ajuns in adapost impreuna cu mamica si ceilalti 8 fratiori ai sai. A asteptat un an jumatate in adapost, in timp ce toti fratorii lui si mamica au fost adoptati. El a ramas singur. A avut parte de o familie a lui pentru cateva saptamani, dar aceasta s-a mutat in America si Amos a ajuns din nou la adapost. Dupa o lunga asteptare in adapost, Amos a ajuns in la familia lui permanenta din Germania.

EN: Amos arrived in the shelter with his mother and his 8 other siblings. He waited half a year in the shelter, while all his brothers and mother were adopted. He was left alone. He had a family of his own for a few weeks, but he moved to America and Amos returned to the shelter. After a long wait, he was adopted in Germany.