Luca a fost adoptat in Cluj-Napoca.


Luca este un catel foarte vorbaret – cat e ziua de lunga si oricat ar fi voluntarii de ocupati, el nu se opreste din povestit. Ne vorbeste despre viata pe strada si cat de greu i-a fost, despre cat de buni prieteni i-am devenit in toti anii petrecuti in adapost.
Luca vorbeste toata ziua pe limba lui, iar noi ii raspunem pe limba noastra si totul functioneaza perfect pentru ca la mijloc, intre cele doua limbaje si lumi exista mainile care mangaie si ochii care roaga si multumesc; si ati vazut deja ce privire expresiva are Luca! Luca este un catel agil si istet, cu o personalitate puternica si blanita de catifea.


Luca was adopted in Cluj-Napoca.

Luca talks all day long, no matter the moment of the day or how busy the volunteers are, he has so many things to say. He talks about how hard the life on the streets was, how many good friends he made at the shelter but, most of all, he talks about how the life with an owner looks in his dreams.
Luca talks all day using his language and we are answering in ours and everything works just fine! Because between the two worlds and languages there are hands that bring confort and eyes that beg and say THANK YOU! And you already know how expressive Luca’s eyes are! Luca is a smart and agile dog, with a strong personality and a velvet coat.

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