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The Team

Bora Finuca

President - Founder of the association


Since I know myself a thought has persisted in my mind: “because I know that every living thing is first of all a soul, how can I differentiate between souls? And could I say that one is more valuable than the other? "


Growing up, this question was even elaborated, becoming: "How can people decide that a soul (of his) is more valuable than any other soul?". I have asked this question to many over time, whether they are even people close to the deity, and the answer has not come to explain the supremacy of the human soul, to the way in which he has the right to decide on the other souls.



This is how I chose, 10 years ago, to help these souls and I wish that all those carcotas, who shouted "why not help people", to understand that I have a special affinity for animals and that I wish with all my heart. that those who have an affinity for people to put it into practice, rather than giving lessons to others, while they sit comfortably in front of the TV.


I joined Arca lui Noe in 2012 and ...
... I like to say hello to the dogs I meet and to smile ... and I don't mind if I don't answer all of them;

… All the animals I meet have a name given to me - despite the owners but in full agreement with… nature;

... I like to think that if I want enough, when I'm at sea I meet dolphins (proven and immortalized fact!);

... I strongly believe that the most appropriate names for cats are those of medicines (try to challenge their effect ... clinically proven!).


I have been with the Ark for several years, and every time I am asked "What can a volunteer do", my answer is: "What can't he do ?!".



Time has shown me that the bond that is created between those who volunteer in the shelter and the dogs we care for are stronger than we can hope when we cross the shelter threshold.


For years, it is one of the basic “rows” of the “Arcai” and helps to navigate the basic purpose: animal welfare!


Out of the shadow, discreet, but with huge steps, dozens of dogs saw their fate changed for the better because of her work. One of the motives: respect for life, from any horizon would manifest itself!


Neli Zoltan

Doamna Neli an dupa an depune eforturi imense in procesul de colectare, centralizare si depunere a fiselor de 2%.

Andreea & Maria


Andreea and Maria entered the shelter's gate on a day in which I was in great need of help, and since then their presence has become constant and valuable.

They came because they want with all their heart to change the life of the shelter dogs and more. And I put my soul into everything I do in this direction - I invest time, effort and ideas, thus giving away any preconceived ideas or excuses that people can cling to when it comes to volunteering: any obstacle can be overcome when you want!

They show us every time that when you put your soul into what you do it is much easier than during the time dedicated to studies, family, work to make little room for activities that change lives - because yes, volunteering can do that! You just have to be given a chance!


My name is Mónika and I have always participated, at first passively (through donations or other actions) in the welfare of animals, but lately I started to feel that it is not enough, so I chose to join the association.


Due to isolated cases, the animals from Romania started to be treated even worse. Also because of these isolated cases the situation in Romania has regressed about 10 years with regard to community dogs and abandonment cases. I can't do much, but I try everything in my power.



Since I know myself, I have loved to feed animals of all sizes. It wasn't enough to look at them, I was happiest if I could sit next to them, take them in my arms and forget about time.


I joined the Association almost by accident, and at the end of the first day of volunteering I came home with a freshly sterilized puppy in the foster care. And so began the avalanche of joys, adventures, hopes and some tears that make my days more beautiful, the joys more nuanced, the soul more peaceful.


I didn't think I needed another source of energy, but now I wouldn't give anything for what the eggs I have in the nursery offer me.

Are you still thinking? I tell you, you only have to win!


Mrs. Neli year after year makes huge efforts in the process of collecting, centralizing and submitting the tax redirection forms.

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