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Become a volunteer


At this moment, in Romania, the animal protection associations, together with some wonderful people, veterinarians or just members of civil society, voluntarily take the hard fight to establish a normal regime in the field of animal protection.


You can participate in the volunteering activities organized on the weekend, please give us a message when you are available.


Volunteering offers each of you the opportunity to become actively involved in any of the following activities:


help in the care and care of the dogs in the shelter - feeding, providing water and cleaning the stables

fundraising or feeding for shelter animals or those cared for in different areas of cities


active participation in fundraising events and food collections


participation in the events we are invited to (Animal Hyperparade, ZIOA, etc.) or sterilization campaigns


online and offline promotion


informing the population about the

redirection of 2% of the income tax and collecting the forms

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