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Create a Fundraiser on Facebook

From now on you can do a birthday Facebook fundraiser for our association!

Step 1

On the first facebook page, check the left column in the "Explore" bar / and select Funds / "Fundraising".


You can also go directly to the funders page here

Step 2

Click the blue "Select Nonprofit" button and choose or type "Voice for the Needy."

Step 3

Choose the target, duration, title, photo and description of the fundraiser for your day.


You need to set your goal (the amount of money you want to raise as well
currency: RON, EUR, USD etc.).

You should also set the duration of the fundraiser, preferably a minimum of 2 weeks.


Click the Next button and you can write a fundraising title and description.

Step 4

The title should refer to your birthday and should contain the name of our association Arca lui Noe, Cluj.

Our title suggestion is:
Fundraising of _______ for the puppies from the Arca lui Noe shelter, Cluj.


In the description of the fundraiser, together with the personal message to friends, please include a brief description of our association:


"Arca lui Noe has been operating in Cluj County and nearby areas since 2003. Currently, in the shelter of the Association hosts until adoption puppies whose number varies between 100 and 120. All are microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and sterilized. In parallel, constantly supports with food and other sterilizations about 50 puppies and cats without owner or protected by people with limited possibilities.Daily handling of medical cases (sick, injured, abused animals) involves constant and high costs.All of the above activities are supported exclusively through the participation of the community with donations. Any additional help will allow the continuation of the actions that have so far saved from suffering through sterilization, treatment, shelter and adoption of thousands of puppies. "


Click the Next button.

Step 5

Upload a fundraising photo, then run the campaign.


Be sure to invite your friends to the fundraiser and post from time to time on your profile and in your favorite facebook groups.

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