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Stea a avut o viata foarte grea, inca de mica a fost alungta si nedorita. A ajuns in ecarisaj in Sighet unde a trait in conditii groaznice. Acolo a dezvoltat o tumora si nimeni nu avea de gand sa o trateze. La cerintele asociatiei din Germania cu care colaboram, care stiau de cazul ei, am luat-o pe Stea la noi, unde a primit tratamentul necesar. S-a facut bine, si a plecat la casuta ei din Germania.

EN: Stea had a very hard life, yet the little one was elusive and unwanted. He arrived in Sighet, where she lived in terrible conditions. There she developed a tumor and no one was going to treat it. At the requirements of the German association with whom we collaborated with, who knew of their case, we took Stea in our shelter, where she received the necessary treatment. She recovered completly and went to her house in Germany.

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